Welcome to the EKES Technology Collaboration Wiki!

This is a place where you can find and post resources, share lessons and engage in threaded conversations with others interested in using web 2.0 tools, good websites and whiteboard technology in the classroom. The wiki is divided into content as well as grade level areas which you eno.jpgwill see on the left hand side of this wiki (Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science). We invite and encourage all staff members to help us grow a large collection of easily accessible resources that can be used in your everyday instruction. Click on the the discussion tab at the top of the this page if you have a question or information you wish to discuss with others. The goal of this wiki is to foster collaboration toward building a database of user-friendly web 2.0 tools, websites, whiteboard applications and conversations in our learning community.

Some general guidelines for posting resources:

  • Please post resources in the appropriate place
  • Please make sure that you appropriately name the resource so that others know what it is at a glance